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Syrian Refugee Sponsorship

NEW CAMPAIGN – SPONSORING SYRIAN REFUGEES Besides our relief work inside Syria and in the region, ICNA Canada is launching a new campaign to help Canadian-Syrians bring 100 Syrian Refugee Families to Canada by 2018; a project estimated to require around $3 million. TO HELP BRING 100 FAMILIES TO CANADA, WE WILL Help, train and […]

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Food Bank

Hunger is a very real and widespread problem in many parts of the world. Even in our comparatively affluent Canadian society, many struggle daily to put food on the table for their children and others in their care, such as dependent elderly relatives.

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Alfalah Center

Al-Falah Masjid

AlFalah Masjid is newly established (1st Ramadan) in south east (4416-36 Ave Edmonton), we need your support in its smooth running.

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Financial Support Fund For Needy Families

Did you know that in Canada even a simple funeral can cost over a few thousand dollars? It is a sad reality that many in our affluent society cannot genuinely afford the funeral..

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